What is TrustScan

As one of the core products of Trusta Labs, TrustScan, driven by data and AI, provides in-depth on-chain risk and reputation evaluation, characterization and authentication services for DID subjects in the Web3 world.
As we all know, on-chain data is open and transparent, but it is also original, detailed and factual. Such data records the on-chain behavior of each DID (such as wallet address), but it cannot provide insight into the deep, overall and implicit characteristics of the subject.
TrustScan aims to bridge the gap between the raw data on-chain and the need for insight into the characteristics of DID's reputation. With on-chain original data as input and AI(Artificial intelligence) technology as engine, we provide in-depth insight, analysis, evaluation and certification services for the reputation of DID subjects in the Web3 world, covering sybil attack risk, fraud risk, identity value, credit score etc. You can access the service of TrustScan via various methods, including API, UI based single-address query, and multi-address batch query.

Services of TrustScan

In long-term, TrustScan will provide multiple levels and categories of services based on on-chain open data, with trustworthy AI as core technology and Web3 identity in-depth characterization and evaluation as core capabilities.
(1) Intelligent risk detection
  • Sybil risk score
  • Anti-sybil one-stop platform
  • Fraud risk identification
(2) Intelligent reputation evaluation
  • Identity value evaluation
  • On-chain reputation evaluation
  • Intelligent marketing platform
(3) Intelligent credit score
  • On-chain Credit Score

Core Technology

There is a huge amount of public data on Web3 and blockchain, including wallet addresses, asset transfers, smart contract interactions, etc. How to efficiently process these original and detailed data, extract valuable information from them, and put these information into higher-level decentralized applications as new production factors? That is a huge opportunity but also a big challenge.
Trusta Labs uses trustworthy AI as core technology to analyze, mine and predict valuable results from massive and complicated original data, and form a series of services in TrustScan product matrix.
The core components of trustworthy AI in TrustScan include:
  • Semi-supervise Machine Learning
  • Graph Neural Network(GNN)
  • Recurrent Neural Network(RNN)
  • Multi-Chain Scale Knowledge Graph
  • Zero Knowledge Proof

TrustScan V1.0

V1.0 is the first version of TrustScan. The core function is sybil risk score. By sybil risk score, we provide score, explanation and factual details of each wallet address about the risk of sybil attack. The service is open to everyone and you can view detailed sybil risk report of any wallet address. The Sybil risk score is valuable to Web3 projects, investors, and all other users.
For project owners, TrustScan V1.0 can help to get better understanding of project users, identify sybil attackers, and finally make informed decisions whenever making giveaways, airdrops or promotions.
For investment institutions, TrustScan V1.0 can help to detect sybils or bots, objectively evaluate the real user situation of the project, and finally make right investment decisions.
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